5 Ways You Can Protect Your Lake this Month

1. Avoid blowing grass clippings or raking leaves into the lake.

2. Take one last boating excursion along the shoreline and be on the look-out for any unusual plant growth; then clean your boat thoroughly before storing. Report any potential invasive species to the Lake Wentworth Association.

3. Protect the lake from stormwater runoff by preparing your property to soak up snowmelt and spring rains. Stabilize bare and eroded areas with vegetation and install infiltration areas along rooflines and driveways. Click here for A Shoreland Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management. http://des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/stormwater/stormwater-mgmt-homeowners.htm

4. Plant native plants to create a shoreline buffer. Fall is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. Roots systems will begin to form before the frost sets in, essentially establishing the shrub or tree in the ground for the winter. Mulching around newly planted trees and shrubs will help protect the new transplants throughout the winter as well. Be sure to remove any coverings on the root balls of plants before planting.

5. Stay in touch. Like the Lake Wentworth Foundation facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/LakeWentworthFoundation shoreline buffer 




Article courtesy of the New Hampshire Lakes Association with additions by the Lake Wentworth Foundation. 

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