Square Hill Adventure

Bob and Trish Leipold hosted board members for a walking tour of the Lake Wentworth Foundation property on Square Hill.  As neighbors to this deeply forested parcel, the Leipolds’ love these woods and shared sightings of all kinds. Looking skyward or down at the … Continue reading

Fernald Brook protection aims to reduce soil runoff

Implementation of the Wentworth/Crescent Watershed Management Plan is taking another step forward as project organizers begin an effort to protect Fernald Brook, one of the largest tributaries to Lake Wentworth, from the effects of stormwater runoff.

Officials from the Lake Wentworth Foundation, the Town of Wolfeboro, and the project’s lead engineering firm, Tighe and Bond, dug a series of test pits on April 13 behind Auto Care Plus (formerly Trites Automotive and Miller Chevrolet) to determine how best to capture storm runoff from the parking areas that cover the property. During rainstorms and snow melt, water flows across the lots and towards Fernald Brook, bringing with it the potential for sand and contaminants from nearby roads to reach the stream.

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