President’s Message

DPP_0008The Lake Wentworth Foundation has made great strides in its efforts to protect our lakes and their watershed. Foundation volunteers have worked hard to help complete the multi-year Lake Wentworth/Crescent Lake Watershed Management Plan (WMP). This project — in which the Foundation partnered with the Town of Wolfeboro, the University of New Hampshire, and the NH Department of Environmental Services — has thoroughly analyzed years of water quality testing data, identified locations that pose a threat to water quality, proposed zoning changes that would protect our waters from careless development, and set a goal of reducing phosphorus in our lakes by 15 percent in the coming years.

The WMP has produced a wealth of informational brochures for homeowners and rigorous scientific reports for community leaders to use in decision-making. The full set of these materials can be downloaded from the Watershed Plan Implementation page of our web site.

While the documents that have come out of the WMP project are valuable, it’s action that counts. In the coming weeks and months, the Foundation and its partners will be examining ways to implement the recommendations and the solutions contained in the watershed plan report. The goal is to begin reducing the amount of stormwater runoff making its way into our lakes and streams.

As always, the Foundation has continued to provide financial support to our partner, the Lake Wentworth Association. These funds helped to support the Association’s important milfoil control program, its water quality testing, and the Lake Host program to check boats at Mast Landing for milfoil. In addition, the Foundation is working to improve its communications with members and the lake community.

We can pursue our mission to protect our lakes for future generations only with your help. Your generosity is needed to follow through on the recommendations contained in the Watershed Management Plan. We hope that you will consider the Foundation as you make donation decisions. We will see that your generous donation is translated into positive action around our lakes to reduce phosphorus and improve water quality.

Jack O’Connell

Foundation President